8 Great Reasons to Join Us:

1.Superior Quality – Our frames are manufactured to the highest standards and come with a one-year warranty*.American Vision USA frames combine stylish look with top-quality materials and newest designs.

2.Sought-After Style – Our leading brands will be your customers’ favorite style and will define their love to eyewear fashion. Each season our designers develop unique and exclusive designs which integrate quality, fashion, and exciting new styles. This is how we make sure that our customers and the end-user will be satisfied with their perfect look and fashion needs.

3.Variety – Our professional team of designers spend time developing every frame, ensuring it’s appeal to the desires of each segment of consumers it targets. American Vision USA produces eyewear for virtually every type of customer–young or mature, male or female, fashion-forward or conservative.

4.Return Customers, More Business– Customers remember where they purchased their American Vision USA frames and will return to you to find other styles when buying their next pair.

5.Sensible Pricing – Although there is a focus on the quality and style of American Vision USA frames, our prices are economical and cost-sensitive.

6.Immediate Delivery – The quick turnaround of your order, no matter the size, means you can buy American Vision USA frames and sell them to your customers the same week.

7.Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our sales representatives and customer service are committed to bringing you the best information, products, and services. Whatever your goals, the frames of American Vision USA can help you achieve them.

8.Excelle1nt Customer Service- we strive to provide each and every customer, whether you are a store buyer or a distributor, the best customer service to support you with any inquiry and successfully sell our brands.

* Please see “Terms & Conditions”